More About Me

Born and bred in the real estate and vacation rental business, Taylor Baruh knows exactly what his clients need to know. Whether they are ready to purchase a year-round home, invest in real estate, or sell their home and move on to another adventure, Taylor has the first-hand experience that his clients can trust. In addition to this life-long insight, Taylor has invested his own earnings in a home for himself which certainly enhances his ability to assess his clients’ desires and then make them feel right at home.  “I have walked in my clients’ shoes, so I understand the emotional experience that comes with buying or selling a home. It gives me great pleasure to let them know I will be there every step of the way.”  As a sales professional by trade, owner of his own music company, and friend by heart, Taylor combines his professional experience and marketing savvy to find the ideal solution for his clients throughout the Reno/Sparks region.  His motto, ‘To find balance in life, you must keep moving,’ is a mirror of his life. Taylor improves his clients’ lives as he enhances his own traveling with his family and exploring the great outdoors whenever time allows.  Proficient and always personable, Taylor can be contacted through Chase International’s Reno, NV, office.